■Statement ■

To artists & creators,

Hello from Junko Sasanuki (creative coordinator & director) and Rocket Jack (illustrator & art director) in Japan, the founders of ART GOES ON. Followings are our thoughts and why we started this project. We are glad if you read it.

Both of us are closely connect with "art & creative" for our work to live. We have received a lot of power, love and opportunities from them. They are the essential for us to be the part society.

Suddenly, we are facing a tremendous paradigm shift that is yesterday's normal life becomes today's not normal. Not only for this but also by various challenging and happenings, artists and creators sometime lost their opportunity to exhibit, to make announcements, and they face difficulties to continue to create.

Still, art and creative go on.
Do not stop expressing it.
Keep the fire to burn your creative motivation.

We want you to keep drawing. We want you to keep creating.
Share it with us! Let us share it.
The world is full of creatives and arts. If we really know this, we can share the spirit of "down to earth with sane state of mind world". We need to know this with creative conscious mind at anytime.
So keep drawing, we keep sharing it.
Continue to create and share the art & creative at anytime even your step became slower. This is our message of this project.

Yes, “art goes on”.
Keep doing creating. Creative doesn't stop.

Our posts are available in Japanese and English to deliver worldwide.
We will issue press releases to media, too.

We would like to create various possibilities from here. We look forward to your submissions of artworks.

With lots of love & respect to artists & creators,
Junko and Rocket Jack

To creators / artists:

Please post your artworks on your social media.
* No genre. Waiting for cross-genre artworks
* There is only ONE THEME to follow; [ART NO AGGRESSIVE] we do not expect expression of too much aggressive / critics.
* You can post your past artworks or present ones. We do not mind.

Please mention following information to post works:
1) Name of artist / creator
2) Title (If you have)
3) Theme / concept
4) Message to ART GOES ON (say hello to us!)
5) ★★Tag us @artgoeson2020
6) ★★Hashtag (IMPORTANT!) #artgoeson
↑↑↑ Don't forget this. We track tagged posts with hashtag to post our social media to share with people as much as possible.


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